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The story of 'Il Monte' estate is deeply connected with the history of Tuscany and Reneissance.  Val d'Arno and Val di Sieve are very important historical parts of Tuscany, where once had their Villa's and Castles and lived close to each other the allies (e.g. Gondi and Bardi) and competitors and enemies (e.g Albizzi and Pazzi) of the great Medici Family.  Strategic location near Florence defined its glorious past that is carefully preserved by the modern generations.  VINÆMONTÆ (ex ORMÆVINÆ) is committed to preserve it for the generations to come.

History of "Il Monte' starts in the 11th century when the Medieval watchtower was built on the top of the hill overlooking the Montefiesole Road.  It received signals from Fiesole and passed them onwards, thus defending Florence from the enemies.  In Reneissance era an agricultural estate was built by the Gondi Family, who once owned the whole valley.  Gondi, the close allies and business partners of Medici passed the estate to the Bardi Family: we cannot say if Contessina de' Bardi ever visited the place, but we will definitely like to believe that she did.  In the 17th Century the ownership passed to the Galli Family, who built the Chapel and expanded the estate. 

Wine and olive oil was produced in the area for centuries. The hilltop location, breeze and sunshine through the whole day provides great conditions to further develop agriculture, thus maintaining the legacy of this historic place.   

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