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How do I place an order?

Go to the 'SHOP' page of the website choose your product and quantity and place it in the shopping cart.  Please note that the minimum quantity available for purchase and delivery is 1(one) carton containing 6 (six) bottles of wine or olive oil.   Please check the quantity of items in 1 (one) carton before the purchase.  Price is quoted per 1 (one) bottle of wine and 1 (one) carton of olive oil. ​ ​Every carton is approximately 9kg of weight. 

Payment and Shipping


​Please pay with your Credit Card. Goods will usually be shipped within 6 working days of receipt of the payment. Sipping cos in included into the price which differs by region of shipment.  We are working with the suppliers of the shipping service to ensure that the your goods are delivered as soon as possible, but please allow 12-15 working days for your shipment to arrive.  We do not hold responsibility for you not being able to clear goods through customs due to local regulations

Returns & Refunds

We do not usually require returns for food and beverage products, but if the product does not meet your quality criteria, please, write to us in​ 'CONTACT US' page of the site, and we will refund or replace the product.​

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